Study Reveals Fukushima Radiation in Bluefin Tuna Off California Coast

Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Found Off California CoastA recently released report [1] reveals that Bluefin tuna is contaminated with radiation from the crippled Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear reactor in Japan has arrived off the coast of California, over 6000 miles away from the radiation source.

Levels of radioactive cesium contamination were 10 times higher than normal – although we’re told it’s still well below the danger level. In other words, the fish is still said to be okay to eat – even though there is no consensus on what a safe level really is. Obviously, this contamination came either directly from radioactive seawater that has been used to cool the crippled reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant, or as predicted from eating smaller fish and plankton that have themselves been seriously radiated.

The giant Bluefin Tuna can grow to as much as 1000 pounds in weight. It is sought after as a top-quality eating fiish, but is not the species that is classified as the “chicken of the sea” – the type found in cans and used in salads etc.

“They spawn off the Japan coast and swim east at breakneck speed to school in waters off California and the tip of Baja California, Mexico.”

As a pointer to how long this contamination may continue, the scientists who did the study also found “background levels of cesium-137 left over from nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s. Yes, you read it right, scientists found background levels of cesium-137 left over from nuclear weapon testing from the 1960’s… so it begs the question of “How long will Fukushima radiation last?”

“Pacific bluefin tuna are prized in Japan where a thin slice of the tender red meat prepared as sushi can fetch $24 per piece at top Tokyo restaurants. Japanese consume 80 percent of the world’s Pacific and Atlantic bluefin tuna.

“Now that scientists know that bluefin tuna can transport radiation, they also want to track the movements of other migratory species including sea turtles, sharks and seabirds.”
How long will it be before similar findings are revealed in other species that make up the multi-billion-dollar US fishing industry? More specifically, what does this mean to the Japanese economy and fishing industry?

Most of the bluefin tuna is used at Sushi restaurants but bluefin tuna can be found in “Chunk Light Tuna” as well. “Solid White Tuna” as stated on can is Albacore only and is regulated by the FDA. That is also why Albacore tuna costs more at the grocery store.

Fukushima Radiation

I would suggest that everyone should seriously start or finish stocking up on necessary canned food now before the Fukushima radiation gravely contaminates our food supply. If you must store tuna fish as a preparedness staple than please stock ONLY Albacore or Solid white tuna with the date stamp of 2015 – 2016, no later, to guarantee safety of your tuna fish stores.

Update: CBSNews removes article –

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