Starting Seeds With Recycled Plastic Bottles

 Starting Seeds With Recycled Bottles

One of the best steps to a successful garden in the summer is to start out your plants strong. To ensure that many homestead gardeners turn to indoor sprouting first before they transplant them outside. This makes sure their plants have a constant, frost free, beginning to grow to their full potential without being eaten by waking hungry bunnies or other herbivores.

What Do You Need To Build a Seed Starting Recycled Bottle

  • plastic bottles (best ones are Welch’s and Gatorade bottles)
  • potting soil (or dirt) and pail
  • coffee filters
  • cotton string (old shoelaces or clothesline works great)
  • seeds
  • sharp cutting tool
  • organic matter (optional)
  • vacuum (only if kids help indoors)


First use the sharp knife to cut the bottle at the “waist”

Starting Seeds - Step One

Invert the top so that the top/hole points down and set in the bottom of bottle.

Starting Seeds - Step Two

Tear a small hole in a coffee filter. Put a piece of string through the hole in the filter so string goes sits in bottom of bottom bottle and there is enough to wind through soil. Place the filter in the bottle and fold it open to get it ready for the soil.

Starting Seeds - Step ThreeStarting Seeds - Step ThreeStarting Seeds - Step Three

Stir your soil and organic material (we like to use egg shells and coffee grounds).

Starting Seeds - Step FourStarting Seeds - Step Four

For the first watering, get the soil moist but for subsequent waterings you can just lift the top and fill the bottom reservoir. Your string will wick the moisture up through the soil. You can water from the top occasionally if needed.

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