Review: UCO 9 Hour Emergency Candles

During our recent major storm that hit our region, Hurricane Sandy, we got a taste of what it would be like during an extended power outage. One of the best things that we had on hand was ways to light our house during the night. And even though we had flashlights (mainly the Fenix flashlight) we primarily used candles during the night-time.

UCO 9 Hour Emergency Candle

The UCO 9 Hour Emergency candles brought hope and a little heat into our life during the night-time hours. What stood out about the candles is that they did not flicker, only casting a constant light throughout the room, which was very important in the bathroom.

Another wonderful aspect of the non-flickering candle feature was that you were able to read a book without straining your eyes. This was perfect because without electricity there was no TV, computer or games. Yes we did have our cell phones but a majority of the area had no cellular service due to the backup systems at the cell towers failing; good lesson for future disasters!

The candles come in a small, easy to carry box of three. Excellent to toss in your emergency drawer, cabin, vehicle, bug out bag or get home bag. You will be grateful you did! Each candle is small enough to carry anywhere, with a size of 3 1/2 x 1 1/8 inch.

UCO 9 Hour Emergency Candles Package

Before and after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast where we are we received a significant uptick in emergency preparedness purchases, especially in candles. We sold out of our 600 UCO 9 Hour Emergency Candles within 12 hours! I remember going to pitch black US Post Offices to ship them out to needy families throughout the hurricane ravaged East Coast. After the storm we had to replenish our stocks but not until we ordered an additional 300+ candles to donate to Hurricane Sandy victims hit hard in New Jersey and New York.

UCO 9 Hour Candles Going Out To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Most outdoors people and even prepared individuals use these candles in conjunction with the UCO Candle Lantern. As you can see in the picture below a member of an online survival and preparedness community forum included it into his winter gear kit and works excellently inside his tent for light and a little added warmth.

The versatility of these long lasting candles makes them worth their weight in gold come the time when you need them.

UCO 9 Hour Emergency Candle

Manufacturer Description

We have spent countless hours developing our special UCO candles. Wax formula, wick size, and other features were specially engineered to make these the ideal candles for our lanterns. Other candles can “melt down” prematurely due to improper wax formula and can leave significantly more soot on the heat shield compared with our candles. We recommend using only UCO candles in your lanterns. For use in Original Candle Lantern, Original Candle Lantern Plus LED, and Candlelier® Candle Lanterns.


  • Burns 9+ hours per candle.
  • Special wax formula optimized for use in UCO candle lanterns.
  • High melt temperature minimizes dripping.
  • Special wick provides ideal flame.
  • Produces heat to warm tent and reduce condensation.
  • Economical source of light.
  • Individual Candle Size: 3 1/2″ Tall x 1 1/8″ diameter.
  • Weight (3-pack): 5.0 oz. (142 g)


$3.95 for 3 Pack

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