Protect Your Plants From Late Frost & Hungry Animals

With the crazy weather we have had the past few growing seasons, especially this growing season, a friend of mine came up with an excellent idea to protect your young, vulnerable plants from a surprise late frost or hungry animals.

This will also protect your young plants from severe damage caused by torrential downpours, which we currently have had for the past two days up here in northeast Pennsylvania. It will not prevent your plant from receiving adequate amounts of water or light, especially if you use cut water bottles.

Notice in the image above that the one plant is beginning to peek out of the top of the jug, an indication that the jug needs to be removed soon. The plant still grew vigorously and is peaking out of the top. These simple, effective frost and animal are easy to make from recycled water bottles, milk jugs, orange juice containers, etc.

A row of tomato plants with plastic water jug tops to protect from a possible late frost

Although my friend hasn’t used them, the clear 2 liter soda bottles can be used in the same way. Not as nice but workable is the 1/2 gallon cardboard milk cartons. Cut the bottom out, cut the four corners down on the top and put this over the plant upside-down. The “flaps” that have been created from cutting down the four corners are laid flat on the ground and dirt is raked onto each flap. This keeps the carton from blowing off.

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