Emergency Water Collection, Transportation and Storage

Emergency Water Collection, Transportation & Storage
Cistern Collection

Rigging your house for water collection is the most secure way to deal with your emergency water supply. Not only will you have a sizeable reserve of water but its constantly topping off your tanks either by dew or rain. Even if your house suffers damage in an earthquake you will still have all the necessary supplies to construct a makeshift collection system. A metal roof is required for a permanent setup but any roof can be covered with a tarp so as to collect clean water.

An Emergency House Cistern Kit contains the following:

  • A tarp or tarps large enough to cover your roof.
  • Rope to tie the tarp down.
  • Gutters/down spouts.
  • A debris trap barrel.
  • A length of pipe to fill the tank.
  • A tank or cheap plastic swimming pool w/tarp cover.

A tarp cistern is the same as the house cistern except the tarp is strung between some trees, or trees and poles.

Emergency Water Transportation

Pumping is the way to go when moving water around. There are small gas, ac/dc electric pumps, hand pumps and even a hose pump that’s run by a drill (cordless works well). If your going to be moving any amount of water around it will save your back, water’s very heavy. They can double up for fire protection, flood control and agricultural. They range in price from under twenty dollars for the drill pump to a couple hundred dollars for a portable gas pump. If your just going to be
moving small amounts there are containers on carts.

Emergency Water Storage

There are many ways to store your water, the simplest being water bottles or soda bottles.

DO NOT USE GLASS bottles, they break too easily.

Canteens, special bags made for carrying water and water bottles are the easiest for carrying personal amounts of water. Camp or day use containers with faucets work very well for general use in an emergency. These come in one to seven gallon sizes and are relatively inexpensive. Storage tanks range from 50 gallons to 1000’s and go for around a hundred on up to several thousand dollars depending on the size.

There is however a cheap and effective alternative to expensive tanks – plastic swimming pools you see at larger department stores. They range from kiddy pools holding a few hundred gallons to ones holding 1000’s of gallons. They cost anywhere from under twenty dollars to over a thousand dollars. With a tarp stretched over their tops, these are the cheapest large volume cistern tanks available.

You can also purchase collapsible portable water bladders, which range from 73 to 800 gallons and cost in the hundreds of dollars.

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