Emergency First Aid Tip: Improvised Sling

Injuries can happen during normal conditions let alone an emergency situation were you need to evacuate an area due to a man-made or natural disaster. This tip is an essential emergency first aid tip that you should know about in case you or someone you love has a hand, arm or shoulder injury and needs to be immobilized to prevent further damage and alleviate some pain.

Hand, arm, or shoulder injuries need to be immobilized and supported in a raised position. If you don’t have a triangular bandage, use strong cloth about 3ft (1m) square, folded in half to form a triangle. You can also use your jacket, backpack straps and or any rope or cordage you may find (see wild edible plants section for some plants that make wonderful improvised cordage).

Improvised Sling Using Your Shirt

Improvised Sling Using Backpack Strap

Improvised Sling Using Your Belt or Rope

As you have noticed in many of these examples you will need a safety pin. Safety pins are lightweight and take up little, to no room in your pockets, wallet, purse, backpack, EDC (Every Day Carry), etc.

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