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Review: NDuR Survival Straw Water Purification

Water is essential to life. The average person can survive for three days without water. Don’t wait until you run out of water before you look for more. Your body loses 2-3 liters (4-6 pints) of water each day through sweating and urination, more if you are hot or exerting a lot of energy. This […]

Emergency Water Collection, Transportation and Storage

Cistern Collection Rigging your house for water collection is the most secure way to deal with your emergency water supply. Not only will you have a sizeable reserve of water but its constantly topping off your tanks either by dew or rain. Even if your house suffers damage in an earthquake you will still have […]

Water Storage: The Basics To Storing Water Part II

Why Have an Emergency water supply? We often take our household water supply for granted. However, when safe drinking water is unavailable, it is more than just an inconvenience – it can become a health emergency. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and winter storms are examples of natural disasters that can interrupt the supply of safe drinking […]

Water Storage: The Basics To Storing Water

Why Store Water Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes may pollute or disrupt water supplies.  Water is more essential than food in sustaining life.  It is wise to have an emergency storage of at least 14 gallons of water per person.  To protect the quality of the water it must be pure to start […]

Emergency Food & Water Supplies

If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm or other disaster ever strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water and electricity for days, or even weeks. By taking a little time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family. Water: The Absolute Necessity Stocking water reserves […]

6 Dangerous ‘Urban Survival Myths’ About Water

1. Running water is safe to drink Don’t count on it. Remember it came from somewhere and the source or what it came in contact with between the source and reaching your location could be suspect. Typically if you have to choose between running water and stagnate water always default to the former but make […]

Emergency Drinking Water Treatment

Where would you get water if none came out of your tap? Most people take good water for granted, but if an emergency disrupts your normal drinking water supply you may to have to find your own. If you drink unsafe water you will soon be spending most of your time and energy treating sick […]