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How Much Food Should You Store?

So you have a pantry full of food saved up after months of work, but is it enough? How much food should you really store? If the food supply lines collapse then you have little choice but to obtain food locally. Whether you start a survival garden yourself or local farms start springing up – […]

How To Escape From a Sinking Car

As soon as you hit the water, open your window. This is your best chance of escape, because opening the door will be very difficult given the outside water pressure. (To be safe, you should drive with the windows and doors slightly open whenever you are near water or are driving on ice.) Opening the […]

In Greece’s On Going Financial Collapse Bartering Emerges In Greek Towns

As Greece finally succumbs to it’s financial collapse many Greek towns are turning to a bartering system that is similar to what emerges after a SHTF or post-apocalyptic world. Everyday Greeks are now dropping the Euro at a lightning fast , even before this Sunday’s election, and adopting a bartering system to buy and sell […]

How To Survive & Protect Yourself From A Bank Run (Run On The Banks)

With the feverish talks and increase of bank runs in the Euro-zone occurring it is my utmost duty to warn my readers of what may come to America. A lot of people are unaware of how bad things are across the pond in the European Union and how it can greatly effect our lives in […]